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Kwaad said: (what does this one even have to do with the thread it was in?) kber81 said: That's the point. Statements like - "Nintendo - so good" and "Sony - so bad" are just silly. Only bad thing about Sony is poor PR - they are too arrogant. People believe that Nintendo greatest wish is to bring funny games for gamers joy - WRONG - they want your money just like sony does. It is not bad because it's business - I'm sick to death when I have to read about sony's "bad" pricing when you have to pay for Nintendo's low budget games allmost the same and the Wii is most overpriced game-machine on the market. Main argument in Sony-Nintendo battle is price. Not games, not tech-specification. People started to hate Sony because they can't afford for own PS3 - that is the way I perceive it. Maybe I'm wrong but even on this forum first is price, second goes "nintendo = superior gameplay". How many of you "Wii-lovers" would pay 600$ for Wii or choose Wii if PS3 would cost 250$.. ergh.. never mind.
Is this trolling? How can you complain on something like this to defense yourself. I found an opinion of certain user similar to mine in this topic and respond - so what. Offtopic - yes but trolling? This is really low. This thread is pathetic like one where you have been bashing washimul - he acts very similar to you, btw.