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rendo said: Wow Kwaad, and to think you wanted to be a moderator with all that experience you have and that you'd make a good mod. Talk about being a child.
In ever turned my pro gears on. I dont really like turning them on. But it's service. It's nice to see the personal attacks are at a all time high these days. Sometimes people cant read through the lines. I hope the people I think get mod, gets mod. This site will get labeled as extreme biased, and then I will just laugh it off. Beucase THAT is what I think would be funny now. If you think I'm angry at Wii for saying that to me. I'm not. I'm laughing. And for all you people attacking me personally. Enjoy your 10 seconds of fame while people read your thread. This isnt a gameing discussion site. It's a Wii discussion site.

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