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gergroy said:

Geno has had some good reports this offseason, but even if he doesn't work out, they have Fitzpatrick who is at least serviceable....  Patriots also lost two of their biggest secondary pieces and didn't try to replace them at all... They lost a lot of players, it isn't just Brady being gone for four games that I think the Patriots will be down this year...


like I said, that division is tough as I see pretty much every team being equal this year unlike last year.  I can literally see a scenario where every team can come out on top or every team can finish at the bottom.  It will be a very rough division this year...

Ah yes, Fitzpatrick. He has led many teams into the playoffs, right? Besides, at this point in time there are fewer NFL teams that he didn't play for than those who he played for.

The impressive thing about the Patriots is that they have repeatedly found ways to win games against the odds. They have the best coach in the league. That's just the way it is. They are going to beat the rest of the AFC East through experience.

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