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gergroy said:

Lol, yeah I know, it is pretty awful.  However, the Jets and the Dolphins had a pretty spectacular free agency period and the patriots had a pretty terrible one (not to mention they will be minus Brady for four games).  So I had a really hard time with that division in particular...

in the end I went with the jets because I think their new head coach is going to have a huge impact and if there is a defense that will be better than my Seahawks, it will be the jets.  

Do the Jets have a good QB now? Otherwise they are pretty much in the same boat as the Bills who also have a good defense, but an unproductive offense. Defense alone doesn't win division titles. It's hard to take the Dolphins seriously because for every step forward they have also taken one backwards; inconsistent for years, always end up around 8-8.

The Patriots' first four games are against the Steelers, Bills, Jaguars and Cowboys. If they go 2-2 over that stretch, Brady can still get the team to 14 wins for the season. And didn't the Patriots go 11-5 in a season when Brady was out due to an injury? I wouldn't get my hopes up that a Belicheck team implodes because one or the other player isn't available for a few games.

Nobody likes the Jets, except Kevin James. And King of Queens was a really awful sitcom. Shame on you, gergroy.

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