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Star Citizen's First-Person Shooter Module Delayed

FPS launch hindered by technical blockers and gameplay issues.


The developer of Star Citizen is delaying the game’s first-person shooter module called Star Marine indefinitely, according to an update from Cloud Imperium Games founder Chris Roberts.

Roberts explains that ongoing technical and gameplay-related issues are hindering the release of the FPS component that was initially slated to launch shortly  after PAX East in April.

“The tl;dr is that we feel the current build doesn’t feel like it lives up to the standards we’ve want to achieve with Star Citizen,” the post reads. “There are several issues that will need additional time in order to deliver the first iteration of the gameplay we want you to experience. The challenges facing the FPS launch are a mix of technical blockers and gameplay issues.

“The most significant technical hurdle faced today is the networking backend," Roberts explains. "After attempting to work with the legacy code, we decided that we needed to drop some of the legacy technology. Those efforts are all going well, but they’ve all taken additional time for our engineers.”

A taste of the in-development module was given to fans during a fan event at PAX Australia last November, detailing its shooting, perspective, animation and environmental features. The module was also shown off during a backer event.


“It lacked some polish (especially with animations) and still had several technical blockers that prevented a wide scale rollout…but we felt confident enough in the work to say that it would be available for everyone soon. Unfortunately that didn’t happen. Just over two months on, we are continuing to tackle technical and gameplay-related issues.”

The space simulation has amassed more than $84 million in community-driven funding and expect to hit the $100 million milestone by the end of the year.



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