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Mr.Playstation said:

So for those that do not know, circumcision is when the forskin of your penis is surgically removed ( The tissue covering the head of the penis ). Your parents were more than likely were asked the question if they wanted you ( Their son ) to have his forskin removed and Once the parents weigh and assess, the negatives and positives they come up with a conclusion.


I've seen people discussing it on here once or twice in different threads and most opinion on circumcision has been negative. So what I want to know is whether many people on VGChartz hold this belief and what exactly is your take on circumcision? ( Should it be illegal, Is it necessary? etc. )


Disclaimer: All of our junk is equal with or without a forskin. So be respectful, of each others junk.

It would be so strange without it, but it is natural to be uncircumzised!

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