RolStoppable said:

Moral of the story: Had Nintendo shown a new trailer for Zelda, you sheep would have gladly looked past everything else. After all, the four pillars are all you really care about.

Having a zelda trailer would have actually shown a game that could compete with halo 5, recore, horizon, black ops 3, or uncharted 4. Without that what were we left with? A subpar showing of star fox, a december reveal of xenoblade, spinoffs to games that we wanted (metroid, animal crossing, paper mario). Mario maker seems to be the only game from that showing that has the hype to be a success; the rest were scrambling to show something new. Not something you want to see right after sony had one of their biggest e3 conferences.

It didn't even have to be zelda wii u. A proper metroid, paper mario, pokemon, f-zero, 3d mario, animal crossing, etc.  could have prevented this from being the worst of Nintendo, but noooo..... its better we get spin offs.