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ArnoldRimmer said:
kowenicki said:
ArnoldRimmer said:

Yeah, and of course, in your strange world-view, it was just a strange coincidence that these FIFA arrests (which, as you correctly said, have been investigated "for years") happened just two days before the FIFA elections.

And of course, it's just a coincidence that the media is almost exclusively blaming and concentrating on Blatter - despite the fact that while seven people were arrested, there are not even official charges against Blatter.

Considering that the investigations have been going on for years, any reasonable person would assume that the US simply completely failed at finding any significant evidence against Blatter in recent years. But I'm sure you know better!


Well, let's see if you really consider this "nonsense" by raising the stakes:

If the 2018 will actually take place in russia as planned, you get three months of sig control over my profile.

If not, I get three months of sig control over your profile.


Considering that 2018 is still three years on, here's another, related bet, that could be decided much earlier:

Despite all the talking about FIFA corruption with Sepp Blatter allegedly right in the middle of the scandal, I bet Sepp Blatter will not be convicted by a regular court for any of the things the media are currently blaming on him.

Winner gets 1 month of sig control.


Let's see if you actually mean what you say or if you're just the kind of bullshitter who doesn't even believe his own words that I consider you to be.

what an angry young man you are..

relax... its just football.

What a frightened sissy you are..

Relax... It's just a stupid bet about sig countrol! - nobody in this world except you and me will even give a damn!


And as far as I know, the FIFA world cup has never ever been taken away from a country so far, despite experts saying that there was no FIFA world cup without corruption in several decades. So history suggests that I do not stand the slightest chance at winning the bet. So what are you even afraid of?


Anyway, I guess I'll simply have to take your reaction as proof for what I said: You don't even believe the bullshit you say yourself.

I dont expect Russia to lose the cup, but I hope they do.  They bought it. As did S. Africa, Brazil and Qatar.

This may have a political angle to it, but it doesnt alter the fact that Blatter and FIFA is utterly corrupt.

Lastly.  Watch your mouth tough guy.  No idea how you got away with this post but it displays what a child you are.

I'm not really here!