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Updated the FAQ with a grinding strategy for the Cucco. This should have been the last update.

As for the progress on my save file, day 79 is over. This means only three weeks left to go. Recent achievement:

41. All A-ranks in Ganon's Fury. (Was easy at level 240, will max him out after I am done with the Cucco.)

Speaking of the Cucco, it's at level 170 after two weeks of grinding. The medium challenges should be rather easy now. As for the progress on other characters, here's who I am done with completely. This means maxed out level, all A-ranks in all challenges, and a tier 3 weapon with five stars and eight slots that has the skills Legendary, Quick Strike, Normal Attack+/Finishing Blow+, Defenseless/No Healing, Vs. Dragon/Legend/Time/Twilight/Undead, Element+ (whatever applies between Fire/Water/Lightning/Light/Darkness) and the two most useful attacks (Strong Attack+/Combo II+/Combo III+/Combo IV+/Combo V+/Combo VI+). For the characters who have more than one kind of weapon (Link, Impa, Lana, Zelda), I plan to have an ultimate weapon for each kind.

1. Impa
2. Sheik
3. Zelda
4. Ganondorf
5. Ruto
6. Agitha
7. Midna
8. Zant
9. Fi
10. Volga
11. Wizzro
12. True Midna

A dozen down, only seven more to go. I am on track to wrap it all up within the originally planned 100 days.

Legend11 correctly predicted that GTA IV (360+PS3) would outsell SSBB. I was wrong.

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