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The Wii and the DS are two great pieces of hardware which both offer their own unique control inputs and superior user interfaces that are more userfriendly than what other systems offer. Wii and DS provide better gaming experiences. The industry was ready for a very drastic change as is evidenced by the recordsetting software sales for both systems, which 3rd party games are a big part of. Due to this, I expect continued great hardware sales of both platforms. The industry is seeing unexperienced growth which can mostly attributed to Nintendo's foresight. They were the first to notice the gamer drift. How was this effect reversed? Answer: Nintendo's systems. Nintendo's success isn't solely based on the input devices of the Wii and the DS, it's the unmatched brilliance of their 1st party games which also plays a big role. By now everyone knows that it is hardware working together with the software that is creating the experience a lot of people have been seeking for. It's unlikely that Sony and Microsoft will ever match the magic that is the Nintendo experience. At least not for a long time.

The problem of many publishers is that they see a casual userbase and put out crap, but that doesn't work. Once 3rd parties understand this, their games will get better and be able to match the quality of Nintendo's 1st party games and rake in the money. But alas, some publishers just don't get it and continue to put out bad 3rd party games. The DS has already shown that good games sell accordingly and rewarded 3rd parties with huge returns of investments for their efforts. Now it's time that they step up their game and then they will see successes. Due to lower development costs compared to their competition, both Nintendo systems are much better options to make games for, 3rd parties should start to bring their major franchises over. The Wii/DS are more profitable to make games for. The Wii and the DS should get tons of games in the next years and with a large number of software comes lots of additional appeal to gamers previously not interested. And with such a huge amount of games, there naturally will be a lot of good and great ones among them.


I am very well aware that not everyone will be happy about this post because of one or another reason, but let me tell you that you shouldn't take everything in life/forums too serious. It could backfire badly. And finally, let me say that I had fun writing this and I hope you enjoy reading it.

Legend11 correctly predicted that GTA IV (360+PS3) would outsell SSBB. I was wrong.

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