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Alas, all good things must come to an end!


Sit tight and listen to my story.

You see, most of my life I've been a PC gamer, and until 2007 the latest console I have owned was a sega genesis.

Now in 2007 I have made lots of research and have decided to buy a PS3, why you ask?

1) PS2 compatibility (at the time) meant I could play classics such as God of War, Ico, Shadow of Colossus and others that were not available on PC

2) IPs that seemed really good for my gaming needs

3) Free multiplayer (PSN). I don't pay for multiplayer on PC, why pay on console?

4) Multimedia center. Can play my videos/music from an usb stick/external hdd and can stream it from PC

5) Allows publishers to make games "modeable" to an extend, allows user-generated levels/

 5.1) Microsoft forced Valve developpers to make a L4D2 expansion (free maps) to be paid on the Xbox 360, they were free on PC

 5.2) Microsoft forced Valve to release Portal 2 expansion to be paid on X 360, free on PC and PS3.

 5.3) Other toxic Microsoft behaviour that is bad for gaming. (true gamers not CoD or Halo 12 year old kids Xbox fans)

Over the years my love for Sony grew as well as my despise for Microsoft.

Unfortunately the audience that likes the Xbox are not true gamers. They do not realize  how toxic Microsoft is for true gaming.

Microsoft is all about profit, preventing any replayability, user generates levels, free content (actually disallows publishers from giving away free content).

Microsoft destroys the art in videogames and makes it all commercial.


I am Sony's revenge, I drilled into the hearts of X1 fans and gave them hope, made them believe.

The greatest trick TheDrill ever pulled was convincing the world he was an X1 fan.


Bonus pics:

My current PS3 Slim.

My old PS3 (survived one thermal paste replaceal but unfortunately it broke on the second, couldn't manage to fix it, but it survived 7 years or so anyway)

My PS3 game collection.

Long live and prosper the PS4.

Saving money to buy one, hopefully a price cut or a 2 game bundle is announced soon (in Europe) :)