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maximrace said:
kowenicki said:

now I understand and I dont blame you for thinking as you do...

The fact you try to spin this in something about nationality instead of pure factual arguments shows me you really don't have an idea about how the EU works. I'll reply when your able to make decent argument instead of low jabs like these

It isnt a jab.  It is bout self interest.  I believe our best interests are out of the EU and if I was Belgian I would think my best interests are best served in the EU.  Thats not a jab, its common sense, and if you are studying european politics in said country... even more so.  I suspect there is a very decent chance you may end up working in Brussels or some affiliation of it.  I dont blame you for having the opinion you do, I'd probably have the same in you shoes. 

I have to say though that to think this isnt all about countries self interests and national identity is rather naive.

I'll have to leave it there, off to watch the footy.

I'm not really here!

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