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maximrace said:
kowenicki said:

I didnt day that most of the big countries arent net contributors.  You said we have a lot to lose?  I disagreed and laid out some facts.

and no... you dont have to be from the UK to take part in the discussion, but it is material where you are from.  Whats the big secret?  And studying politics doesnt make your opinion any more valid I'm afraid whatever you may think.

It staggers me that people think big government and especially large Bloc's (intentional) are not dangerous.



Where do I imply you saying you don't think that? Just pointing out a fact. And I proved you have a lot to lose with some other facts. Also again where I'm from doesn't really matter because I don't let my countries bias judge my own view ( but if you insist, I'm Belgian). Ofcourse studying politics doesn't make my opinion more valid than someone else, everyone can have a valid opinion about politics because that's just what politics are, an opinion on how you do something. But the EU is so difficult to understand most people don't get what it does and why it's good or bad, resulting in a not correct or biased opinion. That's an issue you don't have if you study the area, it gives you a neutral view on it and helps you form your own opinion and not one of the media or other people. Again I won't say the EU is perfect because it isn't, but leaving it won't help matters it'll only make them worse. The EU needs to be reformed not abandoned.

Also, it staggers me that people think small government and outsourcing is not dangerous, the last 20-30 years have proved neoliberalism caused a lot of problems , but that's a whole other debate that's off topic here.

now I understand and I dont blame you for thinking as you do...

I'm not really here!

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