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Aura7541 said:
Goodnightmoon said:
Aura7541 said:

I'm interested in the The Order for its storytelling since, you know.... that is the game's main focus.

Is like saying " Im interested on a movie for it´s music since, you know... that´s the film focuse ". Well, than is probably not a good movie, is a movie with a great bso. Main focus of a good game used to be gameplay.

Some of the greatest games have fantastic storytelling. Also, each game prioritizes on different aspects. Some on the fun factor, others on gameplay. And of course, some games focus on the story.

The problem is when it feels like the game plays itself alone, when it feels like you do little to nothing, just see long CGIs with overdramatic an stereotypical storytelling, press some bottoms on quick time events, and shoot some enemies on the way with almost automatic target, Is like you are doing NOTHING, and you don´t get any fun playing it, you just keep playing to see the end of the story, and there are tons of disapointing endings on this overhyped cinematic games, and once you´ve play it, that´s all, there´s no interest in re-playing a linear average fps that plays itself alone once the story is out, you are paying 70 BUCKS FOR A FILM!