Nem said:

I feel like you arent getting what i'm saying. Everyone has freedom to exercise their beliefs, that is not in question. What is in question is forcing those beliefs on other societies. I do not say: You have this belief, therefore you are not fit for this society. Its exactly the opposite. You may have what beliefs you will, but you cant force them on other members of society and much less may it be an excuse for violence and murder.

Also, i think i am not reaching you when i say Religion needs to evolve. I say that religion needs to come up with a new set of rules, a new doctrine that separates it from the past and doesnt make it an excuse for violence of any kind. This does not exclude anyone but those that want to hold on to outdated values that do not respect the other cultures. Islam has to separate itself from all these murders. No one can "ban" a religion per se. But if you are in a foreign country that has seen a fair share of murders because of religion, can you blame them for not wanting those people in their lands anymore? I dont know how we go from this to totalitarism.

If your neighbour comes to your house and shoots your mum or wife because they dont follow the same religion he does, is he exercing his right of free will and/or belief? Are you a totalitarist if you say you dont want him in your house anymore? That is a fair example of what we have here. When you go to someone else's house, you pay due respects. Its only civil to do so. If they dont you call the police on them and for next time you get an alarm so no one else can come in.

To ban a specific religion is forcing a belief on someone. Even if parts of the belief is wrong, even if it is mixed with violence, it is a person's belief system. To hamper it is a violation of a peron's rights.

Though I see what you're saying, I think that the way people talk about religion in general is basically throwing the baby with the bathwater. It's important to be judicious when talking about eliminating certain things. And even if a person's belief is messed up at some point or in some area, it's important to be delicate, because people don't change when forced, it usually just revolts them. That's not a positive force.