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The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword

Wii / Nintendo / 2011
A special congratulations to AshKetchum1992 for the amazing guess.

I can't possibly think of a videogame that has ever come even close to making me feel like this one did. A lot of people hate this game for certain reasons, and sometimes I can even understand that - unlike a few others below on my list, this is a flawed game and it does fail to deliver some things people expect from titles in this franchise. But they never really stood out as problems for me. Instead, I accepted and understood the game for what it was, and what came out of it was easily the most memorable experience I've had in gaming.

The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword made me feel immersed and engaged with a videogame world and story unlike anything else I've ever played. The gameplay with the motion controls was extremely fun, creative and precise while also allowing for a lot of immersion and it truly made me feel inside the game; the story was extremely well written and from start to finish it was absolutely perfect and made me feel extremely passionate about every character on the cast; and the level design, particularly the dungeons, was absolutely amazing and easily the best I've seen in Zelda yet. Most bosses in the game are also very good (with Koloktos standing out as the best boss battle in the franchise), the soundtrack is incredible, the graphics are very pretty especially considering it's a Wii game, and the amount of content is huge.

There's really nothing I can complain about with this game. Through it's extremely fun gameplay, very engaging story and great characters, immersive motion controls, fantastic music, great looking visuals, a ridiculous amount of stuff to do that never gets boring or old... it has it all. Skyward Sword is absolute perfection in my eyes, and I am very skeptical about it ever leaving this spot as my favorite game ever. I can't praise it high enough.

Last edited by mZuzek - on 22 July 2019