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Pokémon X & Y

3DS / Game Freak / 2013

These might be a weird choice for a spot so high up a list, but X & Y really did it for me. These games just clicked with me in every single way - the soundtrack is easily my favorite in the franchise and one of my favorites in gaming ever, the new Pokémon are not excessive in quantity but are all interesting with new ideas and concepts behind them, the Kalos region is absolutely beautiful, the story was very enjoyable and beautiful even if not as good as the one we got a generation earlier, the changes to competitive team-making and the PSS finally made competitive viable for non-hackers, there were loads of extra things to do as well, and of course, while they don't make a game, it was just gorgeous to finally see a fully realized Pokémon game with 3D graphics. These entries didn't come without their flaws, but for me they were still perfect.