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Metroid Prime

GameCube / Retro Studios / 2002
Guessed by episteme

The funny thing about this game is that it took me several attempts at playing it to really get into it and start enjoying the experience - and funny enough, that seems to be a rule with every Metroid game for me. But man, when I did get into the game, I found an absolute masterpiece. Metroid Prime is nearly perfect in almost every way, and is a very atmospheric and intense experience that should be enjoyed by everyone. The only real complaint I can have with this game is the lack of a really well told story - I know a lot of people say it's found in the logs, and I have read those, but they mostly contained information about stuff that was going on elsewhere, while in no point ever in the game does something important happen to Samus apart from just facing and killing everything she encounters (and I dislike stopping every room to read countless pages of logs). I felt like it's beginning and ending lacked some of the storytelling power that it's predecessor had, even if the final boss was easily the most engaging and intense battle I've had in gaming.