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Pokémon Black Version & White Version

DS / Game Freak / 2010

These might not be exactly the two most beloved Pokémon games around the internet, but they mean a lot to me. After being very disappointed with the 4th generation, I had quit from playing Pokémon, but somehow I was anxious for Black and White when they were nearing the release date, even if I thought they would be even worse than Diamond and Pearl. I eventually got White version day one in the US (ilegally on an emulator, that is) and I absolutely loved it. These became my favorite Pokémon games at the time, and were one of the main reasons why I got a 3DS, which in turn is a big reason why I got a Wii U, and these are big reasons why I'm loving this generation after being away from Nintendo for so long. So needless to say, these games mean a lot to me.