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gergroy said:
outlawauron said:
What was wroth a moderation on that page? I was expecting something juicy cone.

There are better examples, but the point is that there is a lot of trolling/flaming/baiting happening on some game walls and it needs to stop.  There is no report button on game walls, so if users see any of that going on they should pm a mod!

After a year of seeing you constantly in these threads, I wonder why you were skipped for a mod position. Obviously you are very interested, and more than qualified. Did they say why they skipped you for some who are not as active as you?


Thanks Coneyg for this! I was personally having trouble sleeping at night due to what some random 14-30year olds were saying on various game walls. The trolling has to stop and I applaud all ya'll's efforts!

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