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The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time

Nintendo 64 / Nintendo / 1998
Guessed by KLXVER

I think we all know this game will be topping a lot of lists and it's also very likely to be the overall #1 in the end, but I feel like Ocarina of Time is really overrated... nowadays. I can absolutely tell how mindblowing this title probably was back in 1998, and the impact it had on the whole gaming industry was enormous, but as someone who played this for the first time this decade, I have to say it falls short of my current expectations from a game. In fact, this game was the reason why I thought 3D Zelda games just weren't for me, because I just couldn't enjoy it at the beginning and the other ones were supposed to be worse according to most people. However, I kept forcing myself to go back to it and try to find the masterpiece that everyone talks about, and thankfully I did find it after the third dungeon. From that point on, this game suddenly became incredibly amazing and easily one of the best games ever - but I just can't ignore the long, boring beginning.