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Mario Kart 8

Wii U / Nintendo / 2014

Throughout my life, there's always been a few popular franchises I wasn't a fan of (just like any person), and oddly enough Mario Kart was among them - I just could never have fun with this game whenever I picked it up to play casually, regardless of it being the SNES one, the DS one, the Wii one or the 3DS one. But Mario Kart 8 convinced me before release with the incredible looking trailers and the fact that I was getting a free game alongside it. And when I got it on launch day, I was instantly convinced that I had made the right choice with the awesome beginning in Mario Kart Stadium - and it only got better and better from then, with more amazing tracks, music and the incredible graphics, the awesome online and later on the fantastic DLC. There's no flaw I can point out in this game.