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The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds

3DS / Nintendo / 2013
Guessed by S.Peelman

The latest installment in the Zelda series is a rather good one and it was a very fresh take on some things we've come to expect from these games, with the obvious stand-outs being the wall-merging mechanic, the non-linearity and the rental items. However, while the game felt very fresh from these perspectives, I just couldn't appreciate it as much as some other games in the franchise, simply because it felt way too similar to A Link to the Past, which I had already played through countless times. And no matter how hard this might try, I just don't feel the same magic and atmosphere in this title, and I didn't like the pacing of the story. I felt a bit too free to explore as I played the game and the story was just there, waiting for me to complete 7 pointless dungeons (they felt pointless at least) so that something could happen. And while in the end that was somewhat explained, it still doesn't make up for how non-existant it was - and sure, you might say it was doing the same as A Link to the Past, but the SNES game somehow made me feel more engaged and compelled to keep going. Still, I'm criticizing this way too much here. There's a reason this game is at #24 on this list, and that's because it really is a fantastic title, even if slightly overrated in my opinion.