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The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess

GameCube, Wii / Nintendo / 2006
Guessed by Player2

The top selling game in the legendary Zelda franchise, with over 8.5 million units sold, is also one of my favorites, but it had a somewhat strange run for me when it comes to Zelda titles. This being the 3rd game I played in the series, it was actually becoming my favorite during my first playthrough, but then it blowed it up with a very underwhelming ending - still, I would rank it very high among other Zelda games at the time. Strangely, though, after subsequent playthroughs I just kept finding more things wrong with it and was always more and more bored by the gameplay and pacing - I started to really feel the emptiness of Hyrule Field as a big problem and just never found myself interested in the sidequests the game had to offer. It also really screwed up the whole "epic" feel by not having a live orchestra for the soundtrack, and the graphics have aged horribly. Still, Twilight Princess is a fantastic game and if there's one Zelda game I'd really love to see remade, it's this one. It deserves better.