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busbfran said:

I’ve just started with the resident evil series after the steam sale recently. I was told to start with revelations and so on to 5 and 6.

Someone told you to skip RE4? 失敗する

The thing about RE5 is that it grew on me. At first I didn't like it much due to it's changes. There was no longer any backtracking. You don't find a key to a a locked door you had passed earlier and have to go back. It was now very linear, from point A to B without many branching paths. And even though I never imagined that I'd be bothered by a RE games story, which is not to be taken seriously anyway, loe and behold, I was.

But as I kept replaying it, I found it's charm lies with the co-op along with a friend. And that was really really fun. And after playing Resident Evil 6, a game I at the time couldn't imagine being worse than RE5, it actually made RE5 look really good in comparison. They tried to do new things with RE 6, but it just didn't feel right to me. Parts of Chris' campaign feels like a Call of Duty game.

My favorite RE games are 4 and 2.
But I wouldn't recommend jumping into 2 as a newcomer due to it being a very old game with old mechanics. I don't see why you'd want to skip 4 though, as it's one of the modern RE games.