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Burnout Dominator

PlayStation 2 / Criterion Games / 2007

Well this game doesn't seem to be exactly the most adored Burnout game, but back when I played it, I didn't have internet opinions to judge games on. I just played games that I liked, and Burnout Dominator was just a lot of fun - and by a lot, I mean A LOT. This is definitely my favorite game from the 3 I've played in this franchise and it is so by a very big margin. Everything about this clicked for me: the tracks were great, the soundtrack was good, and the visuals were fantastic for a PS2 game, but above everything the thing that stood out the most was the exhilariating drift-based gameplay with the satisfying boost Supercharge mechanic. I have to say, as frustrating as it was to do it, when I finally managed to complete this game's final level on the hardest difficulty it was one of the most pleasing moments I've had in gaming. Really, everything about this game just screams fun to me, and for a long time it was my favorite racing title - I think this could have been way higher up in the list if my memories of it weren't so distant.