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Ka-pi96 said:

Hmm, this late on... really depends how cheap you could pick Platinum up for. I didn't get any gen 3 games until at least a year after Platinum released but still had a tonne of fun with Emerald version. Gen 3 is even my favourite gen now. So if it's cheap enough and you have the time I'd still say go for Platinum.

Besides, one of the reasons the remakes are so good is the nostalgia factor. Revisiting regions you enjoyed before and battling familiar gyms and pokemon again. You won't get that feeling unless you played the originals in the first place.

Pokemon games never drop much in price, it's damn near impossible to ever find them for under $30. GameStop sells Platinum for $45 used. So I'd say price shouldn't even be a factor.

I won't get the nostalgic feeling anyway if I never play the remakes, so that also isn't a factor.