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Shovel Knight

Wii U / Yacht Club Games / 2014
Guessed by BraLoD

There's not a lot of indie games on my list, but Shovel Knight is one of the only two that I've found really memorable. This game was simply flawless in several ways - it had great level design, a fantastic sense of progression as your character and you as a player got better, the soundtrack was great, the controls were perfect and surprisingly it even had a compelling story. At some point while playing this for the first time, I actually thought it would become my favorite indie game and maybe even break into my top 10 games ever - but clearly it has by and far failed to do so, and the main reason for this was just how extremely short it was and how little replayability there is. This game can be easily beat in 3 or 4 hours the first time around (I took quite a bit longer, but it was almost a 100% run), and there's nothing to keep you coming back to it apart from a generic "hard mode" that just makes the whole experience extremely frustrating. Here's hoping they can turn this into a franchise and really strike the earth with a better and much longer sequel.