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Need for Speed: Underground 2

PC, PS2 / Electronic Arts / 2004
Guessed by Kresnik

Maybe I only enjoyed this game because I was an edgy hardcorez pre-teen at the time. But as I matured, I still found it very enjoyable despite other games not having followed the same fate. This is one of my favorite racing games ever, it was just awesome - the racing itself was fun, the amount of cars and customization options was huge, the sense of progression was very real as you kept getting better and better vehicles all the time, and overall there was just a fantastic atmosphere oozing through this game. I don't know what it was, but it always felt very good playing this. A fun fact: this is the only story/campaign based game on my top 50 that I never managed to beat. I played it 2 or 3 times, and in each and every one I always somehow got bored of it right near the end. The ending is still a mystery to me after all these years... I really wish I fix that someday. This is the only reason why this game didn't rank higher - I figured if I kept getting bored of it near the end, it couldn't be all that great. But still, it was very enjoyable.