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Pokémon Ruby Version & Sapphire Version

Game Boy Advance / Game Freak / 2002
Guessed by Ka-pi96

It took some getting used to at first, but when I finally got into the third generation of Pokémon, I was thrilled. It was a very big improvement in several aspects over what we had before and it set up the modern game, establishing most of the core features we now expect in each new title. Ruby and Sapphire were fantastic games, but the most mindblowing thing about them for me was the region they were based upon - Hoenn was absolutely beautiful and brimming with life. Every time you got to some new place, it always felt extremely unique and different from what you previously explored. We had a volcano, a desert, a tropical island, a city floating on the ocean, a treehouse city and so much more. The ocean exploration near the end of the game sealed it for me, though. I loved being able to roam around the ocean, dive and explore its depths, find lots of things down there, and as simple as it was, the story climax in this portion of the game got me really pumped up as I hadn't ever felt that in previous Pokémon titles. As much as Ruby and Sapphire haven't quite aged that well, they're still great entries in the franchise and I'm sure I'll be able to appreciate them so much more when I play the updated remakes, which obviously fix the biggest issue with the originals, which is the very slow-paced engine.