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Any College Football fans here?  Things are really starting to heat up.  Only top 4 teams make it into the play offs.  For those who don't know, this is the first year CFB has ever had playoff system. 

Top 10

1. Miss St

2. Florida St

3. Auburn - just lost to Texas A&M

4. Oregon

5. Alabama

6. TCU

7. Kansas St

8.  Michigan St

9. Arizona St

10. Notre Dame - Just lost to Arizona St

Full 25 -

Key Games

TCU (6) vs. Kansas St (7)

Oregon (4) vs. Utah (17)

Michigan St (8) vs. Ohio St (14)

LSU (16) vs. Alabama (5)



Texas A&M upsetting Auburn was huge and likely knocked them out of the College Football Playoffs.  Notre Dame loss to ASU guaranteed that ND won't get into the play offs.  Makes me happy as I despise ND.  Looking forward to the Duck game tonight as I am a UofO alum.  Also the MSU-OSU game will be interesting.  Rooting for Mich St.


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