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Hardcore Gamer 100

"This is the definitive first-person shooter experience, a no-brainer purchase for the vast majority of gamers, and the first true system-seller of the new console generation."

Oh that's not a fanboy writing right there, oh no sir, no. He even mentioned the sales, what's that got to do with a review? Very trustworthy review. Not saying the game can't very well deserve a 100, but c'mon, don't be so obvious.

PolygonNov 7, 2014
"Sets a bar that other remasters and collections will have difficulty reaching, much less topping. For players new to Halo, who have missed any of the included games, it is a stunning introduction to one of the most beloved series in video games. For Halo fans, it's a package that shows almost as much respect and affection for the Master Chief as they do."

By Arthur Gies. This guy is definitely on MS payroll. Seriously. It's so obvious by everything he writes. Sets a bar so high it will be difficult to top? Then why, oh why, we can easily read other less moneyhatted opinions saying something like the following....

AusGamersNov 7, 2014
"Despite an unhealthy smattering of technical concerns, Halo: The Master Chief Collection really is an essential purchase for fans of the series, whether they’re in it for the campaigns, the multiplayer, or the best of both worlds."

"Unhealthy smattering of technical concerns" Let's say the guy exaggerated a bit, maybe, it still doesn't sound to me he would write about this if there wasn't at least some glaring and evident technical flaws. How is that even close to being the new "benchmark" as Gies calls it? C'mon, don't be so obvious, take your money man, we already know you're deep into their pockets, but don't insult our intelligence like that.


-Mr Khan