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osed125 said:

Aside from the biggest piece of shit Nintendo has ever come up with since the Virtual Boy which is the Mewtwo announcement, everything about this game is fantastic.

C'mon bro thats not fair at all, its a bonus to those that buy both versions. Its not like they said he wont be paid DLC!

I think people are looking at it the wrong way, let me break it down

Scenario 1 (that could of happened) Mewtwo is $? For any version as a playable character

Scenario 2 (which is wat it is) Same as Scenario 1 with a Bonus: If you purchased both versions, Mewtwo is free. (spent $100 to play both games, its an award!)

I dont see wat the problem is, they are making a good deal, too many people are ignoring Scenario 1 and want Scenario 3.

Scenario 3 Just give Mewtwo Free (that defeats the purpose of buying both versions)