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brute said:
Great and detailed review, but I have a question about the gameplay/action, I see you mention it as you keep on hitting one button then do a special attack, is it in a way similar to no more heroes? I know that had a finishing move to it, does this one have it aswell?

It's deeper than No More Heroes. The special attack I mention is something different from the strong attack I mention at an earlier point in the review. With Y being the normal attack and X being the strong attack, the possible combos for most characters are:

2. YX
3. YYX

So you can either mash the Y button or conclude the combo at various points with the X button. Each of those combos (2-6) will end with a different attack, so not everything works well for every situation.

Regarding finishing moves, there's something I forgot to mention in the review. When enemies perform a strong attack, they expose their weak point. If you deplete that circle over their head, then your character will automatically perform a special combo that hits the enemy hard. It will not necessarily kill them, but it's the most effective way to deplete their health bar.

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