Hello and Welcome!

*In this thread, for those who wish to join, you can put your high scores for games on the Wii U. I cannot include the 3DS, because that would be just too much to keep up with.

*If you would like to join, just post in this very thread.

* You do not need proof of a score, just be prepared for the questions from other competitors!

*When posting a high score, you must, when possible, go into the online version of Miiverse and copy and paste your screenshot here with the name of the game, and the achievement you are showing us. It will then be added to the OP. If at all possible, I would like you to copy and paste the OP yourselves. This means finding your game, adding your score or whatever you are posting into the log and then posting it. If not, I will or someone will just have to check ourselves. No big deal either way.

*Anyone interested will be added into the OP on a list of participants.

*Shape this thread however you want to shape it. I will have a few spaces for each game, but if you post a table in another way and I like it I will use it. Each row will be for a different accolade. As you or others beat your achievement, I will add them to the same row, one on top of the other.

*At the end of the month I will award our top gamer with a prize. Nothing big.  Examples could be, but not limited to: Sig control, Swag, download codes, games, etc.

*This obviously, if popular, will be a work in process. You may start adding games now in your own format. It must be in a table and the games must be seperate from each other like you see below. I will also be doing them in Alphabetical order according to Gamefaqs.com.

**Cheating will not be tolerated. If somehow we find out that you have cheated all your scores will be removed and kept in a separate spot with an asterick next to it.

* Now, what can be posted? High scores, level completion times, how many lives it took, how many points, how many anything! Whatever you think is something special that you would like to put down, is what we will accept. It will stand until you or someone else beats it!

* When possible or when available, I will post the number one world rankings to the left and or right of the game title in brackets. But this is mainly all about Vgcharterz and your accomplishments here.

More to come.



Spurgeonryan Easy High score - 13,174,999




Adventure Time: Explore the Dungeon Because I DON'T KNOW!


Darts Up
Spurgeonryan - 3750 high score

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