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WagnerPaiva said:
CGI-Quality said:


The thing is: I don´t really know man, i just gave my opinion.  I am no expert. heck,  I barelly can speak english. 6 million sounded good to me, but, well, the more, the merrier; 10 million, 20 million... Naughty dog sure deserves it...

I talked about my collection because I thought that you treating me like a uncharted hater or something... Clearly not the case, just see my trophy collection, it is all there.

None of us are experts with this, but you can make calls based on trends/research/data. Saying that Uncharted 4 will sell only 6 million max, in my view, short changes the game a bit.

Also, don't fret regarding your English. I understood you, just didn't agree. :)