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MontanaHatchet1.1 said:
El Duderino said:
MontanaHatchet1.1 said:
Rock_on_2008 said:

To creator of thread you FAIL!!!
Ban this Fool. Please remove him please.

Please respond Mrstickball, The Source, ioi, ssj12, montanahatchet, etc

i'm gonna just come back, like with all my other accounts PAtriot7me, Patriot7mejr, Patriot7me2.0 Patriot7me3.0, PAtriotZERO

 Whats the point ??? You will just get banned and everyone else has a good laugh...

yeah but i don't care if people laugh. u all are just a bunch of thugs that been raised badly your parents and hang with the wrong people.

it's not our fault your uncle malested you.


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