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Nkh3 said:
Ahhh...Seeing all those people not liking or not being able to get into TLoU makes me sad.
Of course I understand it but it's such a good game to like.
I bought it expecting a very good game from NaughtyDog cause Uncharted was my favourite series this gen.
But it turned out to be a masterpiece and I was not expecting that.(apart from the introm the first 2-3
are a bit not exciting,)

I wonder how can people buy games and not play them.I don't buy many games but when I do, more or less, I know what I'm buying and finish all of them.
I believe that it has to do with buying too many games,When you buy a few games you don't buy each and every game that might seem interesting.You buy only the ones you really want and then there's no time for hating on games
(not that there's anybody here hating on TLoU, generally speaking)

The only games I don't finish are some ps plus games cause

1)they are games I don't want much,
2)there are too many distractions when you have ps plus, you know..all those games.

Exactly, everytime I buy one game I try to get from it it's best, so I end up appreciating almost all of them in their ways.
I barely remember games I didn't beated, just if I really really don't want to play them anymore because they won't fit me, but I at least try them some time before it, and give it at least one more time after some time.
On a note, when I started playing FF12 I didn't liked it at all and stopped playing it, them a couple weeks after I was wanting to play a game and I turned back to try it, and I ended up loving it. Just like FF13 and 13-2.
Some games start slow or with too much information to handle so people won't like them the first time they play, but it can turn into something great and you missed it because you didn't tried it enough.
It's like digging gold, you can dig for a whole day and find nothing, then stop and go home, but you must have missed a pile of gold withing some more hours of digging it... so give it a try.