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eFKac said:
Jesus christ, Nintendo fans should not be allowed to enter threads in Sony Discussion, I just want one thread that was not derailed...

As for the topic. I think this trailer was the tipping point for me. I was on the fence this whole time, as I have already payed 70€ for the Limited Edition for the PS3, and don't look forward to shell out another 50€ for essentially the same game. But damn it was the best game I have ever played. And after watching that trailer, for some reason, I am almost as hyped as a year ago. I think you might be right, it might be the music that brought back the memories and feelings, as the E3 trailer did nothing for me, besides showing how it looks in 60fps.

I was getting worried that people would only come here to get angry at each other, thank you for actually reading the OP and responding to it.