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RubberWhistleHistle said:
i have it on ps3 and i didnt get passed like two hours after the intro. i dont know what it is. i tried to like the game but couldnt. is it really that good?

i know everybody has their own taste in video games. i dont like games that kind of play themselves. i dont like playing through a game just to get to a cutscene so i can see more story. tell me, is what makes this game so great just the story? i do want to see the story, but i dont know if i can get through the boring gameplay to see it. would i be better off just looking it up on youtube? i might give it a try again this summer because of all this buzz, but i really dont know if i could get through it.


It is heavily focused on story but that doesn't necessarily take from the gameplay. The game is extremely immersive and the mechanics are quite simply the best I've experienced in a third person shooter. Shooting recoil may start off a bit annoying to less patient players, but it will become close to perfect as you progress and upgrade your guns.

On the downside though, It has a little bit of "Assassin's Creed" in terms of variety. While it isn't anywhere as repetitive, I felt like it could have been more diverse despite the limitations of plot and setting. The enemy/friendly AI can sometimes be hilarious too, but overall it's pretty impressive.