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So I saw that new trailer yesterday and I just can't stop wanting to play it over again xD.

Great part of a game experience are the gameplay, the history, the graphics (how good/nice do the game look, not technical stuff), and a big share that people seems not to care THAT much (I know you care for it) is the music of the games; They are as important as the other things to the experience of gaming, and when the game is focused on bringing you to it's dimenson, the musics and sounds are really relevant in it's success of failure.

Anyway, I couldn't stop wanting to play the game and one of the biggest reasons was hear that intro music again in the trailer, it can bring me back memories of the game in a instant, and I was always this way... game musics are very important to me and to my gaming experience.
So here are the Full OST from The Last of Us so you can enjoy it if you want to get into the mood to the upcoming release of the remastered version of the game, or if you just wanna get some memories flooding your head again xD.