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BenKenobi88 said: Well I'm glad we agree on that. FF VII is one of my favorite games, but VIII was meh, and I got really bored playing 10. I've seen a bit of 11, seemed alright, would probably bore me. A couple of my friends said they were getting bored with XII too. RPGs can be fun...but very often they just bore me. It's gotta be done very well.
FF12 is probibally the best FF on a sony console. I really liked 7, but I liked 9 more. I didnt like Cloud. (retard voice being sung to the ding fries are done song)"Meh... I'm a clone... Meh... Who am I? Meh... I'm a weetard... duhh... Clone... meh... duh... aeries... meh... duhh... die... OMG HE KILLED AERIES!" I HATE hate hate hate hate hate, any RPG, with a retard main character. 8... was the worst. (in a retard voice)"fuh... I'm a pussyboy. you lead the party. No... I dont know if we should... I'm so weak and stupid... I have no common sense. I just follow the story duh..." 9 Zidane was a loveable character with a wicked past. All the characters in 9 just clicked with the story.

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