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I came of age playing FF2 and FF3. (FF4 and FF6 respectively) I played things like F-Zero, Stunt Race FX, Star Fox, and basically almost all the other SNES, and N64 nintendo mega hits. I was happy with my N64. My brother wanted a Play Station. But they announced the PS2 already, and we were just gonna wait it out. Wait the 1 year to get the PS2. We finally got the PS2, and we just hoarded the crap out of PS1 games. We got like 20 PS1 games within 2 or 3 months. We only had like 1 PS2 game. Because they all sucked. We realized the PS1 games were so amazing. They were truly great games! And by the time we were done with those. There were PS2 games starting to come out. And from that point on we loved sony... Then I got my GameCube. I love the gamecube. The games were so innovative... and so much fun... So they seemed. So I bought almost every nintendo game for the GC, as well as quite a few of the unique 3rd party ones. As time went on, they started spitting out 2nd releases of the original. I couldnt tell a diffrence on the box... so I rented it. I infact, liked the original better. I have come to the conclusion, that nintendo of modern, couldnt reproduce greatness. And I stopped buying GC games. I got a X-Box though this time too, but I was all... bleh... about the games. I didnt really care for any of them. They were all Mediocre games. A few really good ones... But nothing I would give a 10.0 Throughout this time I was also a avid computer gamer. I played the crap out of Q1. I played Q2, Q3... Doom, Doom2, Wolfenstien 3D, Joust, Pong, Missle Command, Leisure Larry. (yes the old leisure larry... my parrents didnt know I had a copy of that tho) I've played hundreds of PC games over the years. I tend to like advanced complicated games. Things like FF4, and FF6. Things like FF:CC make me sick. Kingdom Heart (or whatever the squareenix+disney one is) Vomit. Yuck. I tend to like games that make me think, games that with my 15 years of gameing experience... Pushes me to my limit. I like games I have to think on. However in releations to that. Modern RTS' have gone down the crapper, because they are less 'thinking strategy' and more 'this strategy always wins' I think complex games sell better than they used to, but for some reason, there just aren't that many of them anymore. I have a PS3 because of BluRay+linux+games I have a PSP because I've wanted a portable media player for years now. I have a Wii because I know nintendo will come out with a few games that intrest me. I have 2 DS because I expected them to be better than the PSP in every way. Boy was I wrong. I like a game with a 2+ hour learning curve. Because it takes me 30 minutes to get the controlls down. When I play a game with new innovative controls... It makes me so happy. I played Wii Sports... They seem great at first, but when you think deeper into the controls and how they work, and their limitations. I see a major problem with the wiimotes. They dont provide any complexity. The accelerometer SUCKS. I mean it seriously SUCKS. So that means 'swinging' Anything is gonna be a load of crap. I dont think any sword games will work like they should because of that flaw on the Wiimote. The IR pointer/sensor is genuis. However I was thinking. Why does it seem to have damn near half a second delay in movement? Oh wait, BT adds about 200ms, and then the fact it has to be decoded in software to figure out where the pointer is real time, chokeing the CPU down not allowing it to do anything with the game... The CPU in the Wii is just not fast enough to handle the pointer... And run a 3D game without sacrificing that latency. For a FPS. That latency means death. I see games like Zelda being a major hit because of the way it's used. However thinking of all of the years... How few games I've played like Zelda. My biggest grudges against the Wii are. 1. The CPU. The pointers use alot of power. You get 4 pointers going... That really cuts into the CPU. 2. The Graphics chip. Comeon. You could put a chip that costs you more than 10$ in there. 3. The Wiimotes, and their thirst for juice. Hot Friggin Damn. They eat batteries. 4. The Wiimotes, and the way you hold them in horizontal mode. The wrist strap hook area tends to dig into my big skinny adult hands. 5. The Nunchuck feels AWOSOME, But, it's so light weight, the cord really messes with the way it feels. 6. The Wii code numbers. It's Bullcrap. Bullcrap bullcrap bullcrap. I am not a 7 year old kid with a over protective parrent. I do NOT need to be protected. Hell, the occasional porn in my mail gives me a good laugh from time to time. "Dear Koblash, My name is kim, and I love to give oral sex to all my friends. I live in the Moscow area, and if you would like to cum on over... I'll give you a good time. http://clickthislinkandImake10cents.scam/refid?12234" 7. The overall feel of games coming to the Wii feel really childish. I'm not trying to be mean, but I have trouble thinking of how a mii could be less mature, unless they allowed you to pick little animal mii's like in animal crossing. That's the only way to get less mature. But at least that's cute. 8. I hate the F*King name Wii. It is a Revolution. That is so much better a name.

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