Hello people, so how do you all know, 2015 will be a exciting year with big games coming to all consoles so everyone can be a happy gamer.
So here I propose a prediction thread to what I suppose will be 2015 major exclusive titles for each one of the 3 big companies consoles. (at least what was announced at this E3, maybe we get more big games that could surpass these coming to 2015 that we still don't know).

So go and try to predict this: Metacritic Score, First Week Sales, and Lifetime Sales, of each one of those 3 games.
Here is a format, and my predictions:

Name Metacritic First Week Lifetime
Halo 5 95 2.500.000 8.100.000
Uncharted 4 96 2.100.000 9.200.000
Zelda U 95 1.500.000 6.000.000

So, here I think that Halo 5 will have the best first week sales, and Uncharted 4 will have the best lifetime sales and metacritic score.
All of them will have a 95+ metacritic score, 1.5M+ first week sales and 6M+ lifetime sales, so all of them will be juggernauts with huge success and greatly critically acclaimed, and we all will be amazed with them xD
What are you predictions guys?