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Mario Kart 8 Tournament FAQ

1. When?

Every Thursday at 20:00 CEST/19:00 BST/14:00 EDT.

2. How long and how do I sign up?

Roughly one hour, so make sure to have at least that much time if you plan to join the tournament. In order to sign up, post in this thread or on my wall. If you plan to be a regular member of my tournaments, let me know. That way I can put you on my personal auto-sign-up-list.

3. What's the tournament mode?

It will depend on the number of people and will be announced in detail at least one hour before the start of the tournament. Make sure to check this thread on the day of the tournament.

1) If there are 12 or fewer players: We'll play a triple header, meaning that there will be three GPs. The first at 20:00 CEST/19:00 BST/14:00 EDT, the second at 20:20 CEST, the third at 20:40 CEST. I will open the room at 19:58 CEST and start the GP at 20:00 CEST if the room is full; if it isn't, the start will be delayed to 20:01 CEST; if there are 6 or fewer people, the start will be at 20:02 CEST. Four races will last approximately 15 minutes, so there is going to be some downtime between GPs. The second GP will start on the dot. The third GP will probably start two minutes after the second one has ended. Hardly a reason to drag out the waiting time for five minutes, because there is usually nobody who decides to join for the final GP after missing the first two. The first GP will have a delayed start most of the time, so the waiting time between the first and second GP shouldn't be too long.

2) If there are 13 or more players: We'll start with two separate warm-up GPs at 20:00 CEST/19:00 BST/14:00 EDT (they will count towards the totals in my Google spreadsheet). I and my co-host will be the heads of room 1 and 2, the rest of the players will be divided with the help of (lists will be announced at least one hour in advance). At 20:20 CEST the same groups will play semifinals as a part of a bigger tournament. The top halves of each room will then play a final at 20:40 CEST, the lower halves will meet up in an also-ran group at the same time in order to determine their final rankings. How many people will qualify for the finals will be announced before the tournament, so make sure to check this thread on race day.

4. How will the tournament be played?

We will use Mario Kart 8's friend rooms. Send me a friend request, my NNID is RolStoppable.

5. How do I know in which group I will play if there is more than one?

I will post an announcement on the day of the tournament, at least one hour before the start. Groups will be determined with the help of in order to avoid any bias. After the semifinals you will have to use your brain, because I won't post in this thread to give further instructions. The initial announcement before the start of the tournament will contain sufficient information.

6. When should I join my designated group/the final/the also-ran?

Preferably as soon as the respective host opens the friend room, but there will usually be at least a couple of minutes of waiting time before the GP starts.

7. What happens if I join the wrong group during any stage of the tournament?

You will be penalized in the cumulative standings in my Google spreadsheet. You will assume last place for the tournament in question regardless of how well you did in the races you played, so make sure that you don't mess up.

The only exception to this rule is someone who qualified for the final but joined the group of also-rans. By doing so, the player already penalized himself in the final rankings.

8. What can I do if I miss the start of the tournament or get disconnected during the semifinals?

Try joining the next GP in a small tournament. In a big tournament (13 or more players), you will still be eligible to join the group of also-rans that starts at 20:40 CEST/19:40 BST/14:40 EDT.

9. What happens after the semifinals if two people are tied for the last spot that makes one qualify for the final?

An example for clarification: This would mean that after my announcement that the top 4 of each semifinal will qualify in the current tournament, two people are tied for fourth place in one of the semifinals. In such a case both of those players are eligible to join the final. If one of them mistakenly joins the group of also-rans (maybe due to the game listing him in the fifth slot or being otherwise confused), then there will be no penalty for this player (see exception in point 7).

10. How will you count points in your Google spreadsheet?

Due to the fluctuating amount of participants in each tournament, I cannot use any of the points that were earned during the races and maintain a consistent ranking system. Therefore I will use my own points system.

First, players will be ranked. In a small tournament, the ranking is obvious. In a big tournament the results of the final determine rank 1 through number of participants in the final. Let's say there were eight players. Then the results of the also-ran room will determine rank 9 through total number of participants in the tournament. If there are ties, then they will be counted as such.

Second, the above ranking will determine how many points I will award to each player. The winner will receive as many points as there were participants in the tournament (=X). The second ranked player will receive X minus 1 points, the third X minus 2 and so on. If there were ties, there will be split points. For example, if two people tied for second, they will both get X minus 1.5 points which in the sum is just as many points as a non-tied second and third place combined would earn.

In a nutshell, the more players there are in a tournament, the more points can be earned.

The spreadsheet can be viewed here. Dates use the European format of DD.MM.YYYY while decimal numbers use the German format (comma instead of a period).

11. Will someone who got disconnected receive any points?

Yes. They will assume a last place finish and thus get at least something for trying to play. In case that another player received a penalty, the disconnected player will assume second to last place.

For clarification, depending on the stage of the tournament you get disconnected from:

1) Semifinals: You are still eligible to join the also-ran group and compete for more points. If you forego, last place in the tournament.
2) Also-ran: You assume a last place finish in the tournament.
3) Final: You assume a last place finish in the final, thus will still be ranked higher than anyone from the also-ran group.

12. Can I pick any track that I want?

Kinda. All 32 tracks are up for selection, but refrain from track spamming. If your favorite track has already been played, choose another one. Clear cases of track spamming might lead to a penalty for you (last place in tournament).

13. What happens if I decide to be funny and ruin it for other players?

The usual penalty (last place in tournament) or even an outright ban from all of my tournaments.

14. Can I bring a friend/family member along with me (two players on the same Wii U)?

Yes, but you must explicitly say so in advance. If you don't, both you and your friend/family member will be penalized (last place in the tournament). There is also another catch to two players on the same Wii U, so read on.

15. What happens in the case that me and my partner would have to split up for the final and also-ran groups?

That's an unfortunate circumstance for which there is no fair solution. The worse player has to bow out of the tournament, meaning that you have to return to the main menu of Mario Kart 8 and select singleplayer online (it's not necessary to change the NNID and Mii to player 2 in case player 2 qualified for the finals; player 2 is allowed to play with the NNID and Mii of player 1 for the purpose of this tournament as player 2 may not necessarily have an NNID). The better player competes for his position in the final rankings like normal, the worse player will auto-earn a spot in the also-ran rankings depending on his result in the semifinals. Failure to obey this rule will result in a penalty for both players (last place in the tournament).


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