ParryWinkle said:

I'd think FFXV would be released around 2015 or even 2016 but we would have to wait till E3 to see. Considering KH3 is "now in development" according to last E3 and Nomura himself said KH3 is very far from being complete would make me believe it wouldn't get released till 2016 or even 2017. 

Bold 2: Where are you getting this from? It's possible for the Xbone to sell 7m this year alone but I don't think it will continue its trend.

Bold 3: That's a very optimisitc view.

I agree with you on KH3's release date, it'll be 2015 at best, 2017 at worst.

I'm getting it from the fact that the Xbox One is outselling the 360 on a weekly basis during it's first year so far, and the 360 sold about 6 million during 2006 (it's first full year), so the Xbox One should sell at least 6-7 million this year, possibly even more considering the fact that the Xbox One still has more countries to release in (360 had released in more countries by this point in the year) and a possible pre-Holiday price drop (the 360 had no pre-Holiday price drop it's first year).