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I saw this just a little while ago on

By comparison, the PS3 port of Ghosts was at #42, Titanfall was at #44, the PS4 port of Assassin's Creed IV was at #47.

It seems like that $30 price cut is really helping W101. Sure, it's still far, far from being a best-seller, but relatively speaking it is sort of a comeback. It did get a decent uptick the week of Dec. 29, a week where most games declined in sales. It also had a decent uptick in the U.S. for the week ending the 18th of this month:

If it can manage to keep selling several thousand copies a week on average worldwide (most of those probably coming from the U.S.), it may prove to have small but strong legs, like a small, active critter that, while it will never be as big or as fast as the giants, has a lot of endurance. I think this game stands a good chance of reaching at least the 500k mark (maybe better) by time everything is said and done, which is probably better than what a lot of people thought it would considering its terrible debut, quirky nature, and utter lack of marketing. It still probably won't sell enough to make back its budget, which sucks, as Platinum makes some fun games. I actually bought W101 a couple of weeks ago, though I haven't started it yet because I'm working on WWHD right now and I don't like starting one game when I'm in the middle of trying to beat another.