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Kresnik said:
I quite enjoyed Tekken 6. I know it got some hate but I played it on PSP and had a pretty good time with it.

So bring it on, Harada. PS4 if need be. Take your time with it.

And scrap Tekken x Street Fighter. I think SF x Tekken did enough damage to the 'brand' to make it not worth your time at all.

Tekken X SF wouldnt be the same as SF x Tekken simply because two different developers and the mechanics will be different since Tekken isnt the same as SF. I'm pretty sure at this point, Tekken X SF will become more popular but only if they go that route.

Doesnt seem like Capcom's gonna invest on it though, such a shame too cause I wanted to play SF X Tekken  on PC ;(.


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