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TheEspionage said:
kowenicki said:
The only time I call out numbers is where official shipment numbers make the numbers look wrong, or some other OFFICIAL announcement does the same.

The current PS3 situation is an example of this.

I think he is more frustrated with people constantly calling overtracked/undertracked every week when the data is usually within a reasonable range of accuracy.  PS3 is wrong and should be adjusted but that is more than a few thousand difference. where as this week we had people arguing over a small difference because they somehow no more through assumptions.  Some people going so far as saying it was off by 500k to 1 million.  It was one thing if people were saying it was off by 50k to 100k but people were saying much more than that as I'm sure you're aware of since i seen you in that thread as well.

I agree with you.  Shouting over/undertracked by huge numbers with zero evidence is silly.

Their hopes may be correct, but their hopes alone arent evidence.

I'm not really here!