PS4 destroys xb1 in spain even more now from the previous 3.5:1

From Gaf:

PS4-XBOne ratio in Spain 4.8:1
~28k XBone in Spain.

December 10th was 80k PS4 and 23k XBOne

54k PS4 sold in ~12 days
5k XBOne sold in ~ 12 days.

In Sony Computer Entertainment Spain (SCEE) just made ​​public from November 29 until yesterday, December 22, and has sold 134,000 units of PlayStation 4 in Spain.

In the magnificent response of consumers to PS4, estimates that tomorrow night net sales exceeding 150,000 units. As I have been discussing these days, the huge demand is making PS4 units are depleted in many outlets. But you know that we continue to work to bring our country more consoles. Jan. 13 Next come a number of other units to retailers across Spain to continue to respond to demand.

James Armstrong, senior vice president and Southern Europe CEO for Spain and Portugal of Sony Computer Entertainment Europe, said: "PS4 has been designed based on a strong commitment to the players. We are completely satisfied with the passion shown by fans of PlayStation and we want to thank you for your support and confidence in this new release. Anyone who still wants to buy a PS4 Reyes and do not find it, can make a reservation for your store and pick from 13 January. "

Thank you very much everyone for the great support that you are showing PS4, making her the star of this Christmas gift.